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21 June 2013 / getrus

The Other Child — Charlotte Link

childRecently I have been reading/reviewing books from the website Netgalley.  It has definitely opened me up to new authors.  Including the novel I just read by Charlotte Link.  It was originally published in German and has been recently published in English.

The Other Child is a thriller and a detective novel.  Several murders take place and  Detective Valerie Almond is put on the case to find out what happened.  But this is more than just a detective novel.  This also tells the story of family and friends and how secrets can cause misfortune in other people’s lives or cause events to happen which can change they way a person may view people they have know for a very long time.

While the murders take place currently day there is a secret which two people share that throughout the novel is made known starting with what happened in WWII.  This secret deals with ‘the other child’ and what happened to it.

This novel was a interesting to read and there were often times where I almost skipped ahead because I wanted to know what would happen.  Would they find out who killed those two people?  Who would find out about the secret next and how would they react?  Definitely worth a read.

**** (Four Stars)


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