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18 June 2013 / getrus

Mary Poppins — P L Travers

marypoppinsEvery once in awhile I like to read something which is fun and a lot easier to read than the novels I usually read.  (Hence why I have read Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh.)  Also, there is something about these books which makes you feel good.  They tend to bring out a childishness that you can’t seem to get rid of for the longest time.  (Not that it is a bad thing.)

Anyway, Mary Poppins was better than I thought it would be.  Mary shows up on the door step of Number Seventeen Cherry-Tree Lane because the wind happened to blow her there just when Mrs. Banks was looking for  a new nanny.  Mary Poppins manages to have Mrs. Banks take her on without any references and starts right away looking after the children.

The children and Mary Poppins go on many fantastic adventures all of which she denies ever happens.  Such as when they go to visit her uncle.  They all end up floating in the air and having tea.  Instigated by her uncle, because he sometimes floats when he gets extremely happy.

Also, Mary Poppins somehow knows how to speak to almost any animal.  (She can even speak baby!)  She even negotiates between Mrs. Lark and her dog Andrew when he wants another dog to live with them in the house.

This was an enjoyable book and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone and everyone, especially if they loved the movie version featuring Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke.

***** (Five Stars)


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