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15 May 2013 / getrus

Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls — David Sedaris

OwlsHaving read other David Sedaris books before I knew what to expect.  Sedaris is as funny and witty in this book as in his others.  Along with his true-life stories he includes a couple of monologues, which are amazing.  They are hard to describe and I can only say “Bravo Mr. Sedaris, Bravo.”

One of my favorite stories entitled A Cold Case involves the time when Sedaris’ laptop was stolen.  Not only was his laptop in the bag which was taken, but so was his passport and bank checks.  To make matters worse he was in Hawaii (he was currently living in England.)  While I feel bad for him and what he had to go through, I find it did make a rather interesting story.  I know you are all wondering and yes, he did get his passport back over six months after it had initially been taken.

There are times when I was reading where I felt as if I had read the story before, knowing I had not.  I think this is due to the fact he writes the same sort of stories.  There was no re-hash of old thoughts, but the writing is the same as his other books and reminds me of them.  I will say, though, if he comes out with another book, I will be reading that one as well.

**** (Four stars)


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