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9 May 2013 / getrus

Secretive — Sara Rosett

secretiveI wrote a review a while back about Elusive, the first in this series.  I have to say Secretive is as fast-paced and entertaining.  I found myself reading late in the night wanting to know what was going to happen to Zoe and Jack.  There were twist and turns in the story which I would not have thought of (and that is a good thing.)

This  book picks up over six months from when Zoe finally made it home.  Not much has gone well for her:  she has a hole in the ceiling of her kitchen, is still trying to make ends meet, and there are still various men following her (given the only fact that she is Jack’s ex-wife.)  When the money from GRS (millions of dollars) is found to be missing from a  frozen account watched by the FBI Zoe is the first on the list of people to interview.  She is the only one presumably alive who still has any connection to the money.

She again has to travel overseas and find Jack in order to try and clear her name and his in the investigation.  She meets some old friends and makes some new enemies in the process.  Also, she finds herself in England, as well as Germany.

I loved this installment of On the Run series as much as the last one and cannot wait for the third book to come out.  Rosett does a great job of reeling you in to the story and not letting you go until the very end (and then you still want to know what happens next.)  I will admit this was not as good as the first book, but I have found that to be the case with most sequels.

**** (four stars)


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