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4 April 2013 / getrus

TransAtlantic — Colum McCann

transatlanticI was lucky enough to be able to receive this as an ARC.  (Thank you Librarything and Random House!)

To say this book was marvelous is a slight understatement.  It was majestic and sensational (much better words to describe it.)  Starting with the story of the flight across the Atlantic by Alcock and Brown, followed by a seemingly unrelated story involving Frederick Douglass.  Then onto one involving Senator George Mitchell.  All of them with the only connecting piece being the trip from the United States to Ireland.  Until we read the rest of the novel and find out it also followed the story of a family of women starting with Lily Duggan and ending with her great-granddaughter Hannah Carson.  The first one who met Douglass, her daughter and granddaughter who met Alcock and Brown.

The way he described various places made you feel as if you were actually there and enjoying the time along with the person in the novel.  You could feel their emotion and the way everything around them was reacting.  Having heard good reviews of his books, but never having read one before this makes me want to read the rest of his works.  If any of his other novels are as memorable as this one than I will be exceedingly happy.

**** (Four Stars)

FYI:  Book is on sale in June.



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  1. Rebecca Rouillard / May 7 2013 07:32

    ‘Let the Great World Spin’ is amazing too – thanks for the review. I’ll look out for this book.

    • getrus / May 7 2013 07:36

      That is on my to read pile. After I finished reading this I went out and got a copy.

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