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19 March 2013 / getrus

The New York Trilogy — Paul Auster

trilogyI was not very impressed with this collection of short novels.  It was beautifully written and was quite interesting, however the stories seemed to be lacking.  I could not find myself immersed in the story and I am with so many others.  Perhaps it was what the story was about which caused me not to like it so much.  That of trying to find someone, or watch someone else, and in the act of doing so the first person loses their own self or finds their self.

City of Glass is about Quinn, a writer of mysteries, becomes involved in a mystery himself.  He is asked to help a young couple and ends up following around an aging man who then disappears.  While the young couple also disappears.

Ghosts is about Blue who is hired to watch Black.  All Black does though is sit in his room and write all day.  He hardly ever goes out.  When all is said and done Blue has lost most of what he had when he began his assignment.

The Locked Room is about Fanshawe.  A young man who disappeared.  His wife calls upon his childhood friend to help her with some of his writings.  The two end up getting married after she is officially divorced from Fanshawe, but there still lurks the feeling that Fanshawe is not dead and his friend needs to have closure, or something like it.

Auster has a way with the English language that few writers, which I have read, have.  But the stories seem at times uninspired.  They lack emotion.

*** (Three Stars)


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