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11 March 2013 / getrus

The Sense of an Ending — Julian Barnes

endingAfter hearing many good things about this novel I knew what to expect when reading it.  It lived up to the hype and definitely deserves the Man Booker Prize it was awarded.

An aging man looks back on his life and the people he used to know from when he was a young man, trying to figure out what it was all for and how his life ended up the way it did.  Barnes examines different situations and how later in life we realize how we should have acted and are ashamed of what we did.

This book left me speechless from the time I began reading it.  Even when I had to put it down for any reason, my mind still seemed to linger withing it’s pages.  Barnes managed to wrap not only a story, but also an awareness in this novel.  That of how we perceive one another and ourselves may not be the same way in which others view us.  This short novel is perhaps one of the most profound writings I have read in my life.  It is a jewel of the written word.

***** (Five Stars)


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