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6 March 2013 / getrus

Elusive — Sara Rossett

elusiveThis book was fast paced and extremely entertaining.  I loved every minute of it.

Zoe is a young woman who lives paycheck to paycheck editing and proof reading books and other materials.  She shares a house with her ex-husband who happens to have steadier employment.  This is until his partner ends up dead and he is presumed dead.  Zoe ends up on the run, because she is thought to be an accomplice in their fraud scheme.

She ends up in Italy, a place she had only ever read about in some of the travel books she had been proof reading and is shot at, stabbed, and lied to too many times to count.  By her ex-husband (who, surprise, is not dead) and people they find themselves associating with.

Rossett does a great job of keeping the pace of the book going and not letting the story drag while still managing to describe what everything looks like and what is taking place.  Unlike other authors who can only do one or the other.

Side note: love that the main character is a red head.

*** 1/2 (Three 1/2 Stars)


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