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21 February 2013 / getrus

A Lost Lady — Willa Cather

lost-ladyI have grown to love reading Willa Cather.  The way she writes is simple and yet she manages to convey messages which other, more prolific writes, cannot.

A Lost Lady is about Mrs. Forrester the wife of a railroad man (Captain Forrester) who lives in a small town upon the railroad line always at the ready to greet guests which her husband bring home, or to make sure the local boys who play in the fields or fish in the creek near her house are always welcome.  Told through the narrative of Neil Herbert, the nephew of a local judge and Captain Forrester’s lawyer.

The novel shows how as he grows up he learns more about Mrs. Forrester and she becomes less like the model wife he had thought her when he was a young child.  Although, she stays with the captain until his very end, even through the threat of losing their beloved home and after he has a stroke and must not travel anymore.

Each time Neil found out something more which caused him to lose his love of the Mrs. Forrester he had grown up with my heart grieved.  He might have been a tad naive rowing up, but there are some things which need to stay in the dark and for him to have to find out about these things is saddening.  It is akin to finding out dark secrets about your own parents and then not being able to tell anyone.

As mentioned earlier, I have grown to love reading Willa Cather’s work.  (It all started when I randomly picked up My Antonia at the local library in Junior High.)  I hope all of her other books will bring me as much pleasure to read as this one.

**** (Four Stars)


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  1. Ti / Feb 21 2013 11:12

    This sounds really good. I love stories about relationships. Especially the ones where one of the spouses has lost their shine.

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