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17 January 2013 / getrus

Gone Girl — Gillian Flynn

goneI have a friend at work who has been telling me to read this book for the past month.  So last week both another co-worker and I actually started reading it.  (We both started it without the other one knowing.)  I must say I was impressed.  It was enjoyable and intriguing, made me want to stay up until the early hours of the morning in order to finish it, and had characters who became more and more complex as the story went on.

Amy and Nick Dunne have been married for five years when Amy goes missing on their anniversary.  This book shows their life together starting from when they first met.  Each chapter covers the feelings from one person, either Amy or Nick, and follows how they grow and learn about each other.  About how Amy grew up privileged in New York and doted upon because she was an only child and the focus of the Amazing Amy stories her parents wrote.  How Nick grew up in a dysfunctional family with his twin sister Go (short for Margo.)

Then comes the kicker.  The recession hits, both Nick and Amy lose their jobs, Amy’s trust fund, and Nick finds out his mother has cancer.  So, they move from New York to Missouri where Nick is from to help his sister with their mother and their father who is living in a nursing home.

The whole premise of the story is based around when and why Amy went missing.  What happened and how did they get away with it?  Nick is implicated throughout the whole story (as well as other characters).  But there are more twist and turns that even you won’t know what to believe until the very end and you might still be confused on  some parts.

All in all.  This is a must read.

**** (Four Stars)



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  1. Kristel Marie Pujanes / Jan 17 2013 11:19

    Sounds like an amazing read! Adding this to my must-have list. Any chance the story can still end well? :s

    • getrus / Jan 17 2013 11:27

      The ending will surprise you, but I won’t give anything away. This is one you will want to find out for yourself.
      I hope you enjoy it.

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