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12 January 2013 / getrus

The Mysterious Affair at Styles — Agatha Christie

stylesIt has taken me awhile to actually read anything by Agatha Christie (except for Murder on the Orient Express).  I had always heard good things and now I can understand why.  While this is a classic mystery her writing is remarkable, especially since this is her first novel.

Hastings is visiting some old friends when suddenly the mother of his friend dies (very dramatically).  An inquest begins and Hastings calls on his Belgian friend Poirot who happens to be in town to come and investigate.  Poirot looks into every possibility (even though her children and the other members in the household all point their fingers at her new husband, which nobody seems to like.)  Poirot flies from one thing to the next and Hastings has trouble keeping up with him.  In true murder mystery fashion the murderer was found out at the very end of the book (although there were points where I though the killer had been caught).

I loved this book from beginning to end and found it delightfully entertaining.  Not only that but I didn’t even try to guess the outcome.  (Most of the time I can usually see how a book is going to end and this time I was right on some accounts, but there were some surprises.)

Now that I have finished the first in Christie’s series involving Hercule Poirot I need to find the next one.  It was too engaging not to find what other mysteries Poirot will uncover next.

**** (Four Stars)


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