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6 December 2012 / getrus

The Member of the Wedding — Carson McCullers

memberI had always heard about Carson McCullers, since I was in High School, and had meant to read her work.  Well now I finally have.  Last month I finished The Member of the Wedding and The Heart is a Lonely Hunter.

The Member of the Wedding is about a young girl who’s brother is getting married and she decides she wants to join him and his bride on their honeymoon.  Everyone tells her it is a bad idea and they won’t allow her to come, but she is set in her ways.

In the story Frankie (later she changes her name to F. Jasmine then to Frances) has come to a point where she must grow up.  This is very much a coming of age story and Frankie does so reluctantly.  She tries her best to keep everything they was it has always been.  But, then she realizes she can’t and changes herself.

This was a great story and I enjoyed reading it, however, there were points when I could not like Frankie.  Her naivete about some things unnerves me and she was so self-centered.  She did not even care about what any one else wanted so long as she could have her way.  Only at an ultimatum did it occur to her that she might not be wanted.

Three Stars (***)


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