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2 December 2012 / getrus

Amsterdam — Ian McEwan

amsterdamAmsterdam was not something I would have normally picked up, but I liked Atonement so figured I would give another book my McEwan a read.  I have to say it was very good (and because of that I might just end up reading more McEwan.)  The story of two friends who at different times had been lovers of Molly Lane.  They meet up again when they attend Molly’s funeral and have a nice verbal go at her husband.  Both men were amazing in their own right with one being a highly successful composer and the other an editor for a newspaper.

Throughout the novel we see the relationships which had developed over time between the various lovers of Molly:  Clive (the composer) and Vernon (the editor) as well as Julian who is looking to become the next Prime Minister and George, her husband.

The story unfolds with grace and intrigue about what will happen next to the four men involved in the story.  I found the ending (don’t worry no spoilers) surprising.  I actually did not know how this was going to end.  I count it a very good thing for a book.  The majority of books I read I can tell how it is going to end, but this one caught me by surprise (well maybe not the whole ending, but parts of it.)

While not the greatest work of fiction it is still an amazing read and definitely deserves the Booker Prize which it was awarded.

**** (Four Stars)


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