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12 November 2012 / getrus

Day 30 — Favorite Coffee Table Book

So now, after about two and a half months I have finally finished my 30 day book challenge.  (I actually did think I would finish it in the prescribed 30 days.)  Had it not been for various family emergencies and unexpected get-togethers with friends, it might have made it closer to the planned 30 days. (The regularly scheduled posts will be forth coming in the near future, aka reviews and the like.)

Any way, Day 30 – Favorite Coffee Table Book

I must say I do not have one.  I currently do not have a coffee table and while I have some before there have not been any which stood out in my mind.  If I had to choose one I would go with a book my aunt almost always has out with gorgeous photographs of plantation homes.  I see it every time I am there (which is only a couple of times a year) and the beauty of the architecture still astounds me.


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