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25 August 2012 / getrus

The China Garden–Liz Berry

I first read this book when I was in Junior High.  I picked it right out of the bookcase in the High School library, checked it out, took it home and read it that night.  (If if remember correctly I stayed up until 1 am until I finished it.)  Several other times throughout my years there I checked it out and read it again.  In college I forgot about it with all the other reading I had to do and about a year ago it popped into my head (the plot that is) and I really wanted to read it again, except I couldn’t remember the name.  There were parts I could almost recite from heart, I could even see the cover perfectly, and yet the name of the book was eluding me.  About a month after this I was in a used book store and there on a clearance shelf was this book.  I was ecstatic and I almost rushed to the register to pay so I could go someplace to read it in peace!

It isn’t the best book of fiction, but has a storyline which is captivating and has enough romance, mythology, and adventure to make it extremely memorable.

Clare has just finished her college exams when her mother is called to be a nurse for an elderly man in Ravensmere, the small village she grew up in.  Clare decides to go with her for a couple of weeks to get out of the city, even though she can tell her mother would rather her stay in London.  In Ravensmere everyone seems to know who she is and is very happy to see her there, even a handsome biker who insists on calling her Rosie.  Her mother though forbids her to see Mr. Aylward, the old man she is a nurse for.

**** (Four Stars)


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