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21 August 2012 / getrus

Never Let Me Go–Kazuo Ishiguro


Sorry everyone for my long absence, I have been taking a much needed break from the world and work. But now I am back!

Never Let Me Go is the story of Kathy who grew up in a secluded boarding school named Halisham.  With Ruth and Tommy, she grows up away from the outside world and they all know that there is something their teachers are not telling them.  Ruth always has to have her way and won’t do anything unless she wants to.  Tommy, however, is a bit unstable and (when he was younger) would through fits and was picked on by most of the boys.  The three always had each other as good friends though.

They leave Halisham and finally make their own way in the world first as carers and then as donors.  It is a lot later in life that Kathy catches up with Ruth and Tommy and the whole story comes out as to what was really going on at Halisham.

I loved this book.  Ishiguro writes a story which one will remember because it is wonderful, heartbreaking, and insightful.

****(Four Stars)


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