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7 August 2012 / getrus

Northanger Abbey — Jane Austen

Catherine Morland is a girl who reads Gothic novels too much and has a very active imagination.  She is invited to Bath by friends of the family, Mr. and Mrs. Allen.  She and Mrs. Allen find themselves with no acquaintances until they met and are introduced to Mr. Tilney.  And later to Mrs. Thorpe, who was an old school fellow of Mrs. Allen’s.  It is then learned that Miss Thorpe is in a relationship with Catherine’s older brother and the two become fast friends.

After awhile Catherine is invited to stay at Northanger Abbey , where Mr. and Miss Tilney live.  Here they have a delightful time (and Catherine’s mind keeps returning to her Gothic novels.)  Until Colonel Tilney sends her away for no reason at all.

I enjoyed reading this book, as I enjoy all Austen, but Catherine seemed to be a bit too naive.  (She does grow up a lot during the story.)  I still have two more Austen to read (Emma and Sense and Sensibility) and I expect these to be as good as the others.

*** (Three Stars)


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  1. Rigel Ordinario / Aug 7 2012 11:58

    I’ve seen this title around the book store I frequent. I’ve considered getting a copy but I’ve always been too wary of it. The next time I see it, I’ll definitely buy it. 🙂

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