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1 August 2012 / getrus

Agnes Grey — Anne Bronte

Agnes is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grey, a pastor and his wife, who begins a career as a governess in order to supplement the family’s income.  She goes through many trials with first a family of young children and then with a family of two older girls, who while she is there, one has her coming out and is eventually married.

Agnes then helps her mother open a small school after the death of her father.  It is here where she is reacquainted with Mr. Weston who she, of course, marries after a while.  (She met Mr. Weston at her second position.)

This book was a good portrayal of the conditions of the working governess and the folly of mothers and daughters looking for a good match .  It was a bit slow in places, but overall really good.

*** (Three Stars)


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  1. The Lit Bitch / Aug 2 2012 12:28

    I keep meaning to read this one, it sounds like a decent read. Thanks for the review. Cheers!

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