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4 July 2012 / getrus

Profiles in Courage — John F. Kennedy

Profiles in Courage is phenomenal.  Having grown up knowing of John F. Kennedy as a president and nothing else, it was hard for me to see him as anything other than a president.  I finished reading this a couple of days ago and was delightfully surprised how much i liked it.  Kennedy is extremely well written and very through in his research.  (Having been an history major in college, I can attest to the fact that some research is not as easy as you might think.)

Kennedy gives brief biographies of Senators who had showed courage during the time in Senate.  Some of the men went on to have long political careers, while others (because of their courage) left the profession altogether and settled in to life as a part of the general constituency.  One, John Quincy Adams, even became President.

All of the men he mentioned were leaders and often had to do what they thought was right and not what the majority wanted.  Isn’t that what courage is?  To stand against everyone else and do what you believe to be right even though things could end badly for you?

**** (Four Stars)


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