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1 June 2012 / getrus

Favorite Books and Authors from Elemenatry–Part 1


I did an earlier post on my favorite books from childhood and thought I should continue the series by moving up to those I loved from Elementary. (Most of these are from the years of 4th through 6th grade.) At first it was hard for me to remember any of the books I liked and then the titles and authors started like an avalanche and I ended up having to weed it down to 10 out of I don’t know how many. The majority are series I loved reading and others are books I read over and over again with some of the other books by the author being favorites as well. (These are in alphabetical order by author’s last name because I couldn’t give them a fair rating.)

The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander. I picked up this series by accident one day at the library and have read them so many times since. I absolutely love them (but I don’t care for the Disney movie made from the series The Black Cauldron it was horrible.) I have in recent years read other books by Alexander which they did not have at the library when I was a kid like, The Illylrain Adventure featuring Vesper Holly.


Matilda by Roald Dahl. I fell in love with Matilda when I was in Third Grade, I think. Later I read many Dahl books like James and the Giant Peach and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but Matilda always remained my favorite. I think because I can connect with her more than any of the other characters he writes ( no my parents were not mean and I loved the school I went to.) Because of her love of the library and books.


Quest for a Maid by Frances Mary Hendry. I remember I picked this book up at a sale my mom and I were at. Out of thousands of books I chose this one and a couple of others (you cannot just buy one book at a book sale and if you can you have more will power than me.) And I have read it so many times it is a wonder the book isn’t in pieces.  Although, it does look a little battered, more so than a lot of my other books.


Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene. My grandmother was the one who introduced me to Nancy Drew. She gave me The Bungalow Mystery. Thus started my obsession with Nancy and her friends. I read through all of them at the library in an extremely short amount of time and then my grandmother managed to find a large collection of books from the Nancy Drew Files a spin off from the original Nancy Drew Mysteries.


Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine. Okay, so I might have read this in Junior High rather than in upper elementary, but it is a book I would have loved during that period of my life and still love. Levine in general writes very well and her stories are always interesting and unique spins on old fairy tales.  (Even if some of them are a bit outlandish.)  The movie version was not the greatest, and it left out a lot of the interesting parts that I loved.

I realized this was getting very long. So, if you want to find out the last part of the list you are going to have to wait until next week. (That and I am running out of time before I have to leave for work.)


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