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22 April 2012 / getrus

Midnight Pearls — Debbie Viguie

I enjoy reading a good book containing mythological creatures every now and again.  They are interesting.  Here is where Midnight Pearls comes in.  It is a retelling of The Little Mermaid.  Other than the fact that they both contain mermaids and a seawitch,  I can find no resemblance between the stories.

Pearl is a girl who was fished from the sea at a very young age and raised by Finneas, a fisherman, and Mary, his wife.  She has white translucent skin and silvery hair, which cause most people to stay away from her.  There is one person who talks to her at least once a week, and that is James, the prince.  They met one day by accident when he had managed to escape from the castle and was walking near the shore and found Pearl there as well.  And the rest they say is history.  Fast forward about 10 years and both are grown and their families are pressuring them to get married.

Here is were everything goes wrong. There is deceit on the part of a visiting duke and his son.  And Pearl’s betrothed, a merman named Kale as well as is sister Faye who falls in love with the prince and saves him from drowning.  Of course there is a happy ending.  Kale and Pearl end up together living under the sea.  Faye is turned human and lives among the people on dry land.  The End.

It was a relatively good story, except it felt rushed at the end.  But compared with the original Little Mermaid it sucks.  I won’t go into Anderson’s version of the tale.  But I prefer it to this one (and the Disney version).

*** (Three Stars)


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