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19 April 2012 / getrus

Dune — Frank Herbert

If you didn’t already know I am a huge science/fantasy fiction fan.  And after many years of having a copy, I finally got around to reading Dune.  I have to say I was impressed.  Frank Herbert writes beautifully and the story of the Atreides is one which I will most likely read again and again.

Paul Atreides is the young son of the Duke who has been assigned to rule over the planet of Arrakis, also known as Dune.  This planet is almost entirely desert and where spice is produced.  This spice is addictive and is only produced on Arrakis. Because of this many people want to control Dune and the spice.

After only being on the planet for a short period of time a coup is staged.  In the scuffle the Duke is killed, but Paul and his mother Lady Jessica manage to escape and find sanctuary with the Fremen, the people of Dune.  They manage to live in hiding for years and finally take back the throne, with a large loss of life to the Fremen as well as Paul’s son.

Okay, I left a lot out.  There is just simply no way to do this book justice in a small amount of words.  It simply cannot be done.  I mentioned nothing about the Bene Gesseritt.  What Paul and his mother have to go through during the years with the Fremen.  Also, the spice in itself and how it is harvested is interesting.  I haven’t even gone into detail about the Fremen.  (That could be a whole post.)

I actually had to stop my self from going off on tangents.  So, to end this quickly as I can before I want to add more, I will tell you to read it.  The world of Dune is so complex and amazing that to describe it would take, well, a book.

***** (Five Stars) and yes I mean Five.



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  1. alirthome / Apr 20 2012 00:44

    sounds great! i just recently was turned onto some more classic sci fi like Zelazny and Delany, and i can’t wait to add Herbert to the reading list. Thank you

  2. Bob R Bogle / May 3 2012 13:28

    @alirthome: Zelazny is superb, too.

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