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31 March 2012 / getrus

Favorite Books From Childhood

I know everyone has a list of books they read as a little kid over and over and over again.  Well, I decided it was time to get mine out there.  These are in no particular order, just as they come to me while writing this.  (Also, if you want to give suggestions feel free to.)

  Fox In Sox by Dr. Seuss  Who does not love at least one story by Dr. Seuss.  (I contemplated putting others in by Dr. Seuss, but with only ten books going on the list I couldn’t justify it.)



One Morning In Maine by Robert McCloskey  This book has always made me want to visit Maine.  (Or at least New England.)  If I remember correctly this also happened to be a gift from one of my aunts.  (She always has great taste.)



Three Little Kittens By Paul Galdone My Grandparents had this book at their house (along with others, but this was my favorite) and most mornings when we were visiting I would sit and read this waiting for my Grandpa to finish making pancakes.


Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree by David Korr  I grew up with Sesame Street  and loved watching it in the morning.  Which of course made this a great book for me.  (In fact I am pretty sure this book is practically falling apart because I read it so much.)


The Unhappy Hippopotamus by Nancy Moore  I still love reading this book and the illustrations are amazing.  My favorite thing about this has to be that the Hippo’s best friend, who tries to cheer her up throughout the story, is a little mouse.



Fig Boot’s Happy Day by Patricia Lakin Koenigsberg Strawberry Shortcake was (and still is) amazing.  This story always made me so happy.  It ended with a big party for Fig Boot.



You are Here, Dainty Dinosaur by Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz  While this is actually part of a series of books, this is the only one I remember reading.




Are You My Mother? by P. D. Eastman  This is another favorite from my Grandparent’s house.  I even remember my Grandmother reading this to me once.



Corduroy by Don Freeman So what little girl doesn’t love a book about a teddy bear?


Noy Lives in Thailand by Anna Riwkin-Brick  This book is part of a series about children from around the world.  I am pretty sure I only read the one about Noy (about 20 years after it was first published.)



Now this list is in no way definitive and there are a lot of other book I loved when I was a child, but these tended to stand out more than others.  Such as Walt Disney TreasuryTales From Hans Christian Anderson, Golden Book of Nursery Rhymes, and my large stack of read aloud books with records.  (Yes, I used to have a small record player to play these.)  I could sit for hours with that huge thing by my side chiming to turn the page.



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  1. Lina~EccentricChai / Mar 31 2012 14:26

    “Are You My Mother” and “Corduroy” were big fav’s of mine when I was a kid. I also enjoyed “Madeline” books, “Chrysanthemum,” and was obsessed with the “Casper” comics. Nifty post!


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