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20 March 2012 / getrus

Alexander’s Bridge — Willa Cather

Alexander’s Bridge was Willa Cather’s first novel.  I first read Cather when I was in high school with My Antonia and I absolutely loved it.  Her writing was so easy to understand and different from some of the other things I had been reading at the time I fell in love with her books, but growing up in a small town I was unable to get my hands on a lot of her works.

Now, years later, I have finally read this amazing book.

Bartley Alexander is a bridge designer, who when designing and beginning work on his most prodigious work to date meets the woman he later marries.  The story however begins a couple of years later.  Alexander is in New York with his wife, but leaves soon to go work on a bridge in London.  There he is reintroduced to an old flame by the name of Hilda.  Thus begins the struggle of Alexander.  His love for two women who are both perfect for him in different ways.  He starts an affair with Hilda, because Mrs. Alexander never comes with him when he travels overseas.  Eventually, he has to go back to the US, where we come to understand he means to divorce his wife.  Before he can have a meaningful conversation with her he is sent for to oversee the production of his bridge and finds it in sad shape.  As he is clearing the bridge of the workers it collapses sending him and some workers plunging into the river below.

I honestly did not do this book justice with this review.  It was amazing.

***** (five stars)


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  1. Kristel / Mar 20 2012 11:17

    I’m adding this to my “must-read” list. 🙂 Thanks for the review!

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