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14 January 2012 / getrus

Boy — Roald Dahl

Growing up I loved reading, especially the works of Roald Dahl.  His characters and stories always were amazing and slightly outlandish, but they transported me to a different world where anything could happen.  So when I found this autobiography of his younger years I was overjoyed.  I knew that it would be told in the same manner as which his fiction was.  And let me tell you I was not mistaken.

Dahl begins not with his birth, but of a tale about his father’s beginnings and how his family was brought up.  He tells many tales, some of which made me cringe and other which made me laugh out loud  (I was secretly glad I was reading this alone, otherwise I might have gotten a couple of stares or disapproving glances.)  He talks mainly about his time spent in the various English boarding schools he went to, even though he was Norwegian.  About how he was treated at these schools and what he did in order to stand out as well as circumvent authority.

I honestly could tell you more about this book and his amazing (although probably normal childhood), but I just recommend you read it.  I found it thoroughly enjoyable and probably  read it again in the future.  Dahl has a way of making even the most mundane things seem extraordinary.


**** (four stars)



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  1. Alison / Jan 14 2012 22:07

    Glad you enjoyed this one. I’m excited to finally get a chance to read this year. Everything I’ve read about Dahl’s life has been really interesting so reading a whole book about it should be awesome!

  2. simonreadbooks / Jan 14 2012 22:12

    I love Roald Dahl . . . if you enjoyed “Boy,” you should checkout his second volume of memoirs, “Flying Solo.” Cheers!

    • getrus / Jan 15 2012 07:39

      Flying Solo is sitting on my bookshelf along with Kiss Kiss Dahl’s short stories for adults.

  3. Cassie / Jan 15 2012 09:51

    They’re selling his stamps in the UK! Go to the royal mail website and get some. I’m obsessed with The BFG.

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