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9 July 2011 / getrus

Digital Books

Digital books or e-books call them what you want I still don’t really like them.  They are causing the downfall of my favorite thing in the world.  Print books.  Some books don’t even go to press anymore, they go straight to digital.  For some this is good (I will admit to that), like, small publishing companies; they can easily get books published online with little capital on their end.  It is also good for authors who publish their own works.  On the internet and as a digital book they can get their works to more people for a great deal less than what they ever dreamed possible.  In fact, there is a small site which I go to sometimes that works this way; some of the work is good and some is horrible but authors can find people to read their work.  (Site is called There are other things I could mention, but I will (for my own sanity mainly) continue on.

I love my paper books.  I love the feel of them when i am reading and the whole fact that I have the choice to throw them across the room when I don’t agree with the ending.  (Although, later I would eventually go back, pick it up and put in on a shelf.) I love going to used book stores and finding a gem hidden among the shelves.

Also, digital is causing some book distributors to go into to bankruptcy and shut up shop all together.  Take Borders for instance.  The only one in the area where I live was shut down.  It was a great place to go when I needed to get away.  Now, though, there is still Barnes & Noble.

I have digressed and gone way way off topic, (in fact I don’t even think I was on topic to begin with) but I think I should probably stop here.


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  1. Christina / Nov 4 2011 10:57

    I agree about the sensory joy of holding an actual book. I also love that during the day a glimpse of the cover makes me remember the other place I’m visiting, and that my children follow my reading queue by becoming familiar with literature’s physical objects.

    Long live the book!

    (and thanks for the ‘like’ on my post today)

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