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30 June 2011 / getrus


Well everyone, summer is in full swing and I sadly did not keep my goal for June. (To finish one short story or book a day.) This is due to a lack of sleep and lots of mandatory overtime hours for work. LOTS of overtime. So not only was I unable to enjoy the weather, I also was unable to enjoy reading outside in the wonderful weather (minus the large amount of rain we have been having).


July is looking good, except for the next three weeks I will have more mandatory overtime. (YEAH!!) I have a review which I hope to be posting this weekend and perhaps some other posts on random book related topics. But for the those of you who can, enjoy the weather and read to your hearts’ content. (If not for yourself, do it for me.)




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  1. SandySays1 / Jun 30 2011 10:01

    If you’re too busy to read (and write) its time to do the audio book thing. It’s better than zero.

    • getrus / Jun 30 2011 10:07

      I had thought about that, but my commute to work is 15 min at best. If I try to listen to them at work I get distracted by the story and stop working or miss out on important parts because I am too focused on what I am doing. Also, I would probably end up reading the book as well, just because.

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