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5 January 2011 / getrus

As I Lay Dying — William Faulkner

This is my third book by Faulkner which I have read and have to say it was not my favorite.  That award goes to The Sound and the Fury. It still was an amazing read.  Even though you will probably hear me say that about most of the books I read.  There were times when I could not understand what was going on, but after a second read everything made perfect sense.  His writing always takes me to another place where anything is possible and everything is much simpler.

The main plot of the story consists of how the Bundrens’ travel with their dead mother to put her to rest in her family’s land.  It of course goes into how she lay on her bed dying and the thoughts of the family as well as those associated with the family during the time period.   The patriarch of the family is very obstinate in his ways and will stop for no reason but to get her to her family’s land in order to bury her instead of burying her nearer to where they lived, which would have saved a lot of hassle for them and those whom they had to ask help from.

While I did like this novel very much there were times when I just simply could not read it.  As mentioned before there were times when I could not understand what was going on and the characters were very real there was something they were lacking.  They were all simple minded. Overall, though, fantastic.  Faulkner always creates masterpieces.

****(Four Stars)


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