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11 December 2010 / getrus

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society — Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrow

I read this book in a day and found it to be one of the most endearing novels I have read in long time.  Juliet Ashton, who had written a column during WWII under the name of Izzy Bickerstaff.  One day she receives a letter from Dawsey Adams who had managed to get a hold of a book she had sold which had her name and address in it.  He simply asked her for more information of the author Charles Lamb.  Thus their letter exchange began grow with the addition of the other members of the Potato Peel Pie Society as they tell her about their lives during the war under the occupation of the Germans during the war.

It was delightful to read and really made me want to go to Guernsey and see these people like Juliet ended up doing.  Mary Ann and Annie have such a way of giving their characters life.  I almost felt as if I was a person living among them and sharing their joys and sorrows.  I almost wish I actually was there the characters have a charm to them which can only come from the island they live on.

I honestly cannot wait to sit down and read this book again.  It reminded me of another book I read a couple of years ago called Miss Buncle’s Book.  Hopefully I will see more books like this coming out, I am getting a bit annoyed at the thrillers which keep coming out.  This truly is a jewel.

*****(Five Stars)


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